Take Precautions Against Cold Temperatures

With single digit temperatures and wind chills as low as -20 degrees expected Wednesday, the National Weather Service says you must take precaution against the extreme conditions.

“In your car that means making sure you have extra warm clothing, like an extra coat, a hat, gloves, and things like that,” Meteorologist Scott Truett told WGEL. “If you’re going to be out and about and outside in the strong winds and cold temperatures, makes sure you have all your exposed skin covered with gloves and a hat.

“A lot of times children don’t like to wear hats, but you lose a lot of your body heat through your head, so having a warm hat on makes all the difference in the world, along with good footwear, good warm gloves, and, obviously, a good heavy coat. And, dressing in layers actually makes you warmer than dressing in one heavy coat.”

Wx 2 Jan 6

The Regional Office of Education for Bond, Fayette, and Effingham Counties is reminding parents to bundle up children before sending them off to school.

Whether students ride a bus or they’re dropped off by parents at school, they should be prepared to be outside for short periods of time.

SOURCEGraphics courtesy of the National Weather Service
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