Tips To Stay Warm, Safe During Cold Weather

People are looking for ways to stay warm in light of recent cold temperatures.

Patti Thompson with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency says people often turn to things like space heaters or wood burning stoves to heat their homes, but there are hazards that come along with that.

“You want to make sure that you have proper ventilation,” Thompson said. “You might have a buildup of carbon monoxide in your house, which could be dangerous to people, even deadly.

“Space heaters are dangerous if you don’t give them enough space between other furniture or draperies.”

Thompson says anyone who plans to use a generator to power their home if the electricity goes out should keep it outside. It could also be a carbon monoxide hazard if it’s not properly ventilated. Thompson says people should keep things like non-perishable foods, water, and a flashlight on hand just in case the power goes out. You should also have an extra supply of batteries, medications, and pet supplies.

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