Local High Schools Participate In Academic Challenge Competition


The Annual Academic Challenge was held at Kaskaskia College recently. Numerous district high schools were in competition in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics, English, Math, and Physics. Students from Bond County Unit 2 and Mulberry Grove High Schools competed in the medium school division.

Individual students from Greenville who won awards were:

Biology: 1st Place Jacob Klenke
Chemistry: 1st Place Jacob Klenke, 2nd Place Andrew Riddle
English: 3rd Place Kate Timmermann
Math: 2nd Place Colton Rainey

Students Nicolas Watterson and Jacob Klenke received a credit hour scholarship for high test scores.

Mulberry Grove student Kyle Klawitter tied for third in the Biology competition.


Pictured are the participating Bond County Unit 2 students. 1st row – Andre Riddle, Lexie Mills, Jayla Jack, Meghan Thies, Haven Robart, Rebecca Loesch, and Kylie Johnson. 2nd row – Lucas Langham, Colton Rainey, Craig Faulkner, and Emily Gaffner. 3rd row – Jacob Klenke, Madison Funneman, Derek Marsch, Brenden Ade, Nicholas Watterson, Logan Robart, David Holden, Jerry Bemis, Brad, Kalous, Kate Timmermann, and Coach Marsha Disch

Mulberry Grove

Pictured are the participating Mulberry Grove students: 1st row – Lauren Robison, Kylea Vohlken, Karissa Woody, Caity Blankenship, Haley Hinch, Peyton Randolph, and Lynq Bernard. 2nd row – Natalie Smith, Chandler Mosley, Tara Bryan, Mason Glasco, Matt Korte, Jenna Koonce, Jake Linnabary, and Kenzi Belcher. 3rd row – Tyronn Madison, Brandon Atkinson, Noah Murray, Patrick Schofield, Brittany Schofield, Kyle Klawitter, Zach Schienschang, and Derek Childress

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Kaskaskia College
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