School Board Discusses Findings From Staff & Community Interviews

Thomas Leahy (left) with the IASB talks with community members about the search for a new Unit 2 superintendent.

Thomas Leahy the Illinois Association of School Boards met with the Unit 2 School Board Monday night to discuss his findings after interviewing 197 staff members and 52 community members on what they would like a new superintendent to bring to the job. After presenting the board with several pages of information, Leahy told the board there is a lot of common ground between the board and the community.

A brochure will be published for prospective superintendent candidates to review. The first six items on the list of qualifications will read:

1) Advocates, nurtures, and sustains a school culture and instructional program conducive to student learning and staff professional growth.

2) Collaborates with faculty and community members, responds to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizes community resources.

3) Acts with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner.

4) Is a people person.

5) Has the ability to interpret complex educational and financial data to the board, staff, and community.

6) Has the ability to maximize financial and human resources in support of educational programs in the district.

The deadline for superintendent applications was set for March 11. Interviews will be held in March and April. The start date for the job was set for July 1. Based on input from his interviews, Leahy suggested the current board work with prospective board members in the search process. The board agreed this would be a good idea but wanted to check with their legal counsel first.

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