Unit 2 Home School Proposal Dies For Lack Of Motion


The most recent Unit 2 School Board meeting included the review of a proposal drafted by the Policy and Curriculum Committee that would have laid a ground work for home school students to participate in extracurricular activities like sports, art and band.

The proposal did not come up for a vote as no board member made the motion to approve the changes. Board member Mike Timmerman said that he did not make a motion to approve due to some concerns in the language of the proposal.

The changes would have required principals to review home school course descriptions and learning expectations to determine if the academic requirements are meet. Timmerman said this would put a large burden on administration and would change home schools to remote campuses.

Timmerman thanked the administration for the hard work involved in drafting the proposed policy changes. It was not announced when or if the policy will be discussed again.

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