City Establishes New Agreement For Electric Aggregation Program

The City of Greenville has established a new electric supply agreement for its electric aggregation program.

City residents have received mail correspondence from the city and Homefield Energy about the new electric rate recently obtained through a bidding process. The new three-year rate of 5.569 cents per kilowatt hour is more than one cent higher than the past rate, but city officials believe it will be lower than the new rate Ameren plans to announce in June.

City Manager Dave Willey tells residents, who received the letter, about their options.

A postcard accompanies the letter which can be completed to opt out of the city program.

Willey provided more information about the electric rate situation.

Those switching over to Ameren would have to remain with the company for at least a year.

The city is holding a public question and answer session at 1:00 p.m. Wednesday in the municipal building for those with questions and concerns.

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