County To Enforce Speed Limit In Woburn


The chances of getting caught speeding through Woburn went up this week with the passage of a resolution by the Bond County Board.

County Highway Superintendent Jeremy Pestle told the board he was contacted by the sheriff’s department about patrols that were recently set up in Woburn, which led to warning tickets for several speeding motorists. Pestle advised there are speed limit signs of 30 miles per hour in Woburn, which have been up for many years, however the county never officially took action to make the speed limit enforceable.

Pestle said the resolution was required for officers to issue legal citations for speeding. It was unanimously approved.

Pestle told the board that work to improve Museum Road will be done this spring and work on the Jamestown Road project began this week. He said if everything fell into place weather-wise, the Jamestown Road project could be complete in early June.

The board approved county aid petitions to install new culverts on Wisetown Road and Hookdale Avenue in Mills Township. Mills Township will split the estimated $25,000 cost for the Wisetown Road project and $15,000 needed for the Hookdale Avenue work with the county aid fund.

The Bond County Board and members of the Zoning Board of Appeals will review the Woodford County zoning ordinance, researching possible changes that could be made to the Bond County ordinance.

Zoning Administrator Ed Doll advised the local ordinance has been amended only once since it was adopted in 1996 and he believes some changes should be considered.

Board Chairman Howard Elmore reported that recent rain has led to water in the courthouse basement. It is believed a drainpipe is broken and clogged. He said the county is working to remedy the situation.

The board approved Denny Willman to a five-year term on the Greenville Airport Authority Board.

The Greenville Bicentennial Committee was given approval to use the courthouse grounds for their September 5th and 6th celebration.

Approval was also given to the Bond County Ministerial Alliance to place a tent on the courthouse lawn during the National Day of Prayer event on May 7.

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