Financial Report To Mulberry Grove Board Of Education

At the recent Mulberry Grove Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Brad Turner reported on the financial condition of the district. General state aid is prorated at 89% of full funding for a loss to the district of $196,000.00 this year. The state is behind in categorical aid payments of $45,000.00 for transportation and $40,000.00 for special education. About one month ago, the state cut funding again costing the district another $10,000.00.

Two of the four categorical state aid payments have been received and Turner said he expects a third payment by the end of June but the fourth payment is not expected. Total losses to the district amount to about $291,000.00.

On the positive side, Turner said Mulberry Grove Unit 1 is still operating and expenditures are right on track with the projected budget. Following a closed session, the board issued a reduction in force notice possibly affecting five non-certified district employees.

The future of the music program at Mulberry Grove is an item of discussion for the board. Some parents attended the meeting expressing the importance of music and urging the board to keep the program. They suggested some ideas for fund raising and volunteered to help in any ways possible to keep the music program.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of the Mulberry Grove Unit 1 School District
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