Mulberry Grove School Evacuated Due To Fire

Fire in the ag/shop area of Mulberry Grove High School Tuesday morning led to the evacuation of all 400 elementary, junior high and high school students plus district staff members. There were no injuries.

MGHS Fire 2

Mulberry Grove Fire Protection District firefighters were called at 10:21 a.m. after the school’s fire alarm system activated.

They received mutual aide assistance from Greenville and Keyesport firemen.

MGHS Fire 1

Mulberry Grove Fire Chief Dwight Volkmar told WGEL what he saw when he arrived on the scene.

He was asked about the cause of the fire, which appeared to originate in the old shop finishing room where the tanks are located to grow fish.

Unit 1 Superintendent Brad Turner said when the fire alarm sounded, all students were led out of the school building. Due to rain, they first went to the bus barn and then walked to the sports concession stand area. Turner said school buses then transported the boys and girls to a church building in Mulberry Grove, as is designated in the school’s evacuation plan.

After all students were safely at the church, Turner focused on advising parents of the situation.

School is back in session Wednesday in Mulberry Grove.

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