Accelerated Readers Recognized At Pocahontas Center

Principal Jason Rakers with top AR students: Charles Wright (2nd), Christopher Flagg (1st) and Jessica Nelson (3rd)

The Students at Pocahontas Center were recently recognized for an outstanding year of reading with the Accelerated Reader Program. By exceeding 20,000 points, the students sent Principal Rakers under the ice bucket at the Friday Field Day at Pocahontas Park. Mr. Smith and Mr. Wilhite were also good sports – Mr. Smith received a purple faux hawk hair cut and Mr. Wilhite was treated to the cold water challenge. The 2014 – 2015 school year saw the students reach an all time high number of points collectively, with a new AR record of 24,892 points.

At an awards ceremony on May 26, the top 10 students in the school were recognized, along with the top 3 point earners in each class, those who reached all 4 quarter goals, and those who passed every test taken throughout the school year.

The top 10 students in the school and the points they earned were: Christopher Flagg (1496 pts.), Charles Wright (1194.8 pts.), Jessica Nelson (803.4 pts), Caleb Crawford (715.4 pts.), Cole Knebel (710.9 pts.), Olivia Berry (672.5 pts.), Cazdin Weber (573.5 pts), Gage Links (362.4 pts.), Sarah Hemann (360.7 pts.), Kaden Brink (323.8 pts.).

The students who reached the top 3 point positions in each class were:

1st Grade: Elyssa Haller (121.2 pts.), Cody Smith (105.7 pts.), Drake Curry (98.9 pts.)

2nd Grade: Kylie Doll (161.9 Pts.), EmmaLeigh Wilfond (157.1 pts.), Thomas Dallas (128.7 pts.)

3rd Grade: Ryder Schwahn (220.5 pts.), Jacob Sperandio (185.9 pts.), Nick Robison (181.5 pts.)

4th Grade: Kaden Brink (323.8 pts.), Isaiah Williams (236.5 pts.), Wesley Stoecklin (234.8 pts.)

5th Grade: Christopher Flagg (1496 pts.), Cole Knebel (710.9 pts.), Cazdin Weber (573.5 pts.)

6th Grade: Jessica Nelson (803.4 pts.), Olivia Berry (672.5 pts.), Sarah Hemann (360.7 pts.)

7th Grade: Gage Links (362.4 pts.), Jaquileen Sabnal (298.3 pts.), Gavin Links (272.5 pts.)

8th Grade: Charles Wright (1194.8 pts), Caleb Crawford (715.4 pts.), Ian Williams (290.4 pts.)

Students reaching high point clubs during the 2014 – 2015 school year were:

200 Point Club: Sydnee Godier, Ryder Schwahn, Christian Lee, Claire Robison, Wesley Stoecklin, Isaiah Williams, Madison Hawley, Ethan Brown, Jaylynn Legault, Trista Kinkel, Gavin Links, Jessica Derleth, Ian Williams, Jarin Weber, Jaquileen Sabnal

300 Point Club: Kaden Brink, Sarah Hemann, Gage Links

500 Point Club: Cazdin Weber

600 Point Club: Olivia Berry

700 Point Club: Cole Knebel, Caleb Crawford

800 Point Club: Jessica Nelson

1100 Point Club: Charles Wright

1400 Point Club: Christopher Flagg

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of the Pocahontas Center
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