County Board Talks Courthouse Appearance

The Bond County Board met in regular session this week. Chairman Howard Elmore told the board he had identified a grant opportunity through the city of Greenville that would help with repairing sidewalks on the courthouse grounds. He said he would like to have the grounds looking better for the upcoming Greenville Bicentennial.

On a related note, the board discussed courthouse lawn upkeep. In their last meeting it was announced the Greenville Women’s Club would not be able to provide funds to purchase flowers and plants on the courthouse grounds. Youth from the Simple Room are volunteering to work on the courthouse grounds, inmates from the Greenville FCI are available to serve, and the county probation department has offered assistance, but in all three cases, supervision and materials would be required. The board said they would continue to look into their options.

Elmore provided an update on the grant application for lighting upgrades at the courthouse and the courthouse annex. He said funds involved in those grants have been suspended by the governor and applications are in limbo.

He also told the board someone is coming to look into drainage issues on the grounds, which have been causing water to leak into the courthouse.

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