Bond County 9-1-1 Board Talks Senate Bill

The Bond County 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone Service board was briefed Thursday morning on the status of Senate Bill 96.

Alan Davis, 9-1-1 coordinator, said the Illinois House and Senate have approved the bill and it is now on the governor’s desk. Rex Catron, board chairman, reported he has written a letter to the governor in support of the legislation.

Davis told WGEL the bill would change the monthly telephone surcharge structure so everyone pays the same monthly fee. Click below to hear more:

At the present time those with landline phones pay $1.45 per month per line and the wireless phone surcharge is 75 cents per month. All phone companies will send surcharge money to the state, which would then send one check to each county 9-1-1 program.

Davis said the bill would also transfer the oversight of 9-1-1 in Illinois from the Illinois Commerce Commission to the Illinois State Police. Click below to hear more:

Davis indicated the bill was written so it expires in two to three years so its effectiveness can be reviewed.

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