Mulberry Grove Board Of Education Approves Amended Budget


During an amended budget hearing at 6:45 p.m. Monday, Mulberry Grove Superintendent Brad Turner highlighted changes in the current school budget requiring an amended budget. Deficits in operating funds are less than anticipated and the current deficit is about $245,000.00. The board approved the amended budget.

In the regular meeting, Turner presented the treasurer’s report and said the fourth categorical state aid payments for transportation and special education have been vouchered but the funds have not yet been released. The payment totals approximately $78,000.00 for the two funds and would greatly reduce the current deficits in operating funds. Even with the deficits, all four operating fund accounts will end the fiscal year in the black.

In other business, the board approved changes in property and casualty insurance carriers for the next year resulting in lower premiums. Turner said he is preparing an application for a National School Lunch Program grant in the amount of $38,000.00 which would be used for new equipment in the school kitchen. The board approved proposed changes to the junior high and high school handbook.

Following a closed session, the board accepted the resignations of junior high girl’s basketball coach Emily Griffin and junior high/high school Principal Caleb Thompson. They hired several coaches and Amy Gruner part-time Art teacher.

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