Nationally Recognized Cadets Drum And Bugle Corps Visits Greenville

The nationally recognized Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps made a practice stop in Greenville Monday, using Greenville High School facilities, and will be performing nearby on Tuesday night.

Patrick Duncan, visual technician and visual instructor for the corps, told WGEL the performers, ages 16 to 21, have been on the road about a week after a month of intense practicing. Click below to hear more:

Greenville High School Band Director Ryan Thomason said members of his band are excited to see the Cadets perform. Click below for more:

The Cadets performed an outdoor concert Monday afternoon near the DeMoulin’s factory in Greenville. DeMoulins is a sponsor of the Cadets and manufactures the drum and bugle corps uniforms.

Cadets 1

Cadets 2

Cadets 3

Cadets 6

Cadets Perform 1

Cadets Perform 3

Cadets Perform 4

Cadets Perform 5

Cadets Perform 6

Cadets Perform 7

Cadets Perform 8

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