Plan Commission Recommends Against Windsor Plat


The Greenville Plan Commission met Monday night to conduct a public hearing and decide on a recommendation for the city council regarding a proposal from Windsor Development Group to construct 40 single family homes on the east end of College Avenue.

After hearing comments from eight of the 65 residents in attendance, the commission voted 5-0 to deny the preliminary plat for the subdivision. The action was met by a big round of applause from those in attendance. That recommendation will be considered by the city council at its June 9 meeting, City Attorney Patrick Schaufelberger told WGEL that four of the five councilmen would have to vote against the commission for the recommendation to be overturned.

At the start of the meeting, Joe Craver, city code enforcement officer and building inspector, told the commission he felt the developer had complied with all 14 criteria for subdivisions in the Unified Development code. He recommended that the preliminary plat be approved.

Seven individuals presented comments in opposition to the proposal with the other testimony from a representative of the developer. It was reported that 648 signatures have been obtained on a petition against the development. Those commenting against the proposal expressed concern over the development’s impact on other homes in that area, felt the subdivision would not be conveniently located, said the city already has an abundance of vacant homes, questioned the transportation plan in the location of the proposed subdivision and questioned access for emergency vehicles.

Commission members made comments about their viewpoint on the proposal. Anne Betscher said she did not know if the school district could handle the influx of additional children if 40 families moved in. She did not want to see this put a financial burden on the district. She also did not believe the development would be compatible with adjacent property.

Max Sussenbach said he feels the subdivision would have a detrimental impact on the value of nearby homes. Jerry Ketten was concerned the plat had only one road to enter and exit the subdivision, causing him concern if emergency vehicles would need to get into the development. Gary Farnsworth said he believes there are a lot of people with many issues regarding the development.

Jack Chism, commission chairman, stated he believed Betscher raised some doubts and some of the assumptions by the developer and those conducting studies seemed vague.

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