County Board Sets New Jury Fees

In their recent meeting, the Bond County Board adopted a resolution to set new fees for juror compensation and jury trial demand fees.

As mandated by the state, juror compensation is now $25 for the first day of service and $50 for each additional day. Previous fees were $10 a day, plus mileage. Jurors will no longer be paid mileage.

The jury trial demand fee was set at $212.50 for a 12-person jury and $106.25 for a six-person jury.

Circuit Clerk Rex Catron said the new fee structure would impact many bigger counties, but since Bond County has relatively few jury trials, it wouldn’t negatively impact the budget.

The board also approved the appointment of Eldon Young, Jeff Hasenmeyer, and Jean Doll to the Bond County 377 Board for three-year terms beginning June 30, 2015.

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