Greenville City Streets To Be Oiled

Several Greenville city streets are scheduled for oiling and chipping Wednesday and Thursday, July 22 & 23, from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Parking will be prohibited along the street on the appointed application date and notices will be posted prior to the actual scheduled maintenance date.

The streets to be oiled and chipped include:

Linder From Rt. 140 to Killarney Idler From Harris Ave. to 900’ N.

Killarney From Linder to Idler Ln. Maybry Dr. From Rt. 127 to West End

Butternut From Ash St. to Killarney Cardinal From Elm St. to East End

Oak St. From Hena to East End Washington From Clarence to East End

Robin From Stephens St. to White Ave. Washington From Spruce St. to Second St.

Vine From East End to Hena Locust St. From College to Winter

Vine From Ivy to West End Spruce St. From College to Harris Ave.

Winter From Ivy to Stephens St. Prairie St. From College to Harris Ave.

Winter From Stephens St. to Second St. Spring St. From Second St. to Prairie St.

Clarence From Harris Ave. to Spring St. South 4th St. From Hwy Rt. 140 to S. End

Ward From Clarence to Ivy Ln. Spring St. From Spruce St. to Second St.

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