UPDATED: Oil Spill Leaks Into Silver Creek In Highland


Officials with the City of Highland report that Silver Lake will likely remain closed through this week as remediation efforts, necessitated by an oil spill Friday, continue.

At approximately 1:30 p.m. Friday, the City of Highland was notified that Plains Pipeline experienced an oil spill at their Pump Station located on Baumann Road. An unknown amount of oil was released from the system and some of the oil leaked into nearby Silver Creek, which feeds into Silver Lake, the water source for the City of Highland.

The Highland Fire Department activated their oil spill emergency response plan and deployed an oil containment boom under the Interstate 70 Bridge where the lake narrows in order to protect the Highland water source. Police reported Friday evening that there were no visible signs of oil in the lake, but oil was visible on the surface of Silver Creek near the IL Route 160 Bridge.

The spill has been reported to Madison County Emergency Management, Illinois Emergency Management, and the EPA.

In order to protect the equipment and workers on the lake, the City of Highland has closed Silver Lake to all recreational and sporting activities. This closure does not affect Sliver Lake Park.

Police stress that the City of Highland water supply has not been affected. Water entering the City of Highland water system is being monitored and tested to insure quality and safety.

For more information, contact Highland Public Works Director Joe Gillespie at 654-9891.

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