Unit 2 Changes Employee Health Insurance

As a cost saving measure, the Bond County Community Unit 2 board of education, on Monday night, decided to end coverage with Egyptian Trust and approved providing employee health insurance through Cornerstone Insurance Group and United Healthcare.

The district faced a five percent increase in premiums if it renewed with Egyptian Trust.

Superintendent Wes Olson said that led to an insurance committee looking at options. Click below to hear more:

The change in insurance was approved by the teacher’s and non-certified personnel unions.

The district had been paying $658 per month per employee with 216 persons covered. Under the new plan, the cost will be about $530 per month per employee and employees have options for various coverage plans.

Olson said the insurance coverage is comparable to the former plan.

He said the district will have to pay to leave Egyptian Trust, however, there will still be savings, possibly as much as $300,000.

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