Armadillo Found In Bond County


An armadillo was recently found dead along Mettler Road in western Bond County.

According to Bob Bluett, wildlife biologist with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, this is not as uncommon as one might think. Click below to hear him share more:

Bluett said it is not known how armadillos make their way from the south to Illinois. One was seen in Madison County in 2013.

Armadillos are not protected by the wildlife code. Bluett said there has been a resurgence of wildlife in Illinois, especially with the bobcat. Click below for more:

Bluett said the armadillo cannot survive a typical Illinois winter, as they must live in a location where the temperatures are above 28 degrees. While some of the armadillo sightings in Illinois have been live animals, most of them were apparent road kills.

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