Businesses, Organizations & Individuals To Be Honored At Bicentennial

As part of Greenville’s 200th birthday celebration on September 5th and 6th, businesses and organizations celebrating anniversaries plus some special individuals, will be honored.

The businesses include the First National Bank, celebrating its 150th anniversary, the Greenville Fire Department, now 130 years old, the Richard Bock Museum for 40 years, and Marcoot Jersey Creamery and the DeMoulin Museum, both celebrating five-year anniversaries.

Pat Kious, bicentennial events chairperson, said the committee is looking for other businesses or organizations commemorating their fifth, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and so on, anniversaries in 2015.

During the bicentennial celebration, recognition will be given to the newest citizen, oldest citizen, and longest-married couple. To receive these honors, the recipients must have a 62246 zip code and provide a copy of the applicable birth certificate or marriage certificate.

The winners will be invited to participate in the bicentennial parade the afternoon of September 6.

Those wishing to be considered for honors must submit the proper information by September 1st to the Greenville Bicentennial at Post Office Box 283 or drop the paperwork off to Kious at The First National Bank in Greenville.

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