Cemetery Board Recommends Against Shooting Fireworks At Montrose


Since the July 4 fireworks were cancelled at Patriot’s Park this year, the plan is now to shoot the fireworks as the final event of Greenville’s bicentennial celebration on September 6.

There had been talk about possibly shooting the fireworks from Montrose Cemetery, which is owned by the city and is only a few blocks from the downtown area.

Monday afternoon, the city’s cemetery board met. Elliott Wiegand, John Donnell and Alan Young were in attendance. The topic was discussed and the three board members unanimously vote to recommend to the city council that the cemetery not be used for the fireworks.

All three cemetery board members and Greenville City Manager Dave Willey agreed that using the cemetery as a fireworks launching site could lead to criticism from citizens. The final decision rests with the council, which will discuss it at their meeting Tuesday night.

State law requires a clear zone, away from buildings, based on the size of the fireworks shells being fired. That limits the possible sites for the fireworks show to be launched.

Representatives of the Fourth of July and bicentennial groups and the City of Greenville will meet this evening with the fireworks company to review possible sites.

Plans are to shoot the fireworks after the Little River Band concert the night of September 6.

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