City Of Greenville Will Use Grant Money On Sidewalks On South Fourth Street

The City of Greenville has received permission from the state to use a grant of $132,000, designated for new sidewalks, on South Fourth Street, instead of on Hena Street.

City Manager Dave Willey told the city council that when the subject was brought up to some residents along Hena Street, there was some resistance to a sidewalk being poured in front of their homes.

Willey said there is enough right of way for a sidewalk, but some residents were concerned how much of their yards the sidewalk would use.

When the grant was received, the original location for the sidewalk was Dewey Street, however, the council decided it wanted the walk along Hena Street.

At a recent meeting, the council agreed with the city manager’s recommendation to move the project to Fourth Street, indicating there is a lot of foot traffic to and from the health department. It is not believed the grant funds will be enough for a sidewalk all the way to the health department.

Councilmen asked Willey to contact health department officials to see if that agency would contribute funds for the sidewalk.

In other action, the council approved the bid from Roadsafe to stripe streets in the city that were recently asphalted, plus Beaumont Avenue, which will be improved later this year.

The contract is for $18,712.50.

Other streets to be striped are Fourth, Shannon, and Main. Roadsafe is the same contractor striping Rt. 127 at this time in Greenville.

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