City Of Vandalia Looking To Start Demolition Of Buildings On Gallatin Street Monday


In the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 4, three buildings in the 500 block of West Gallatin Street in Vandalia were seriously damaged when the roof over them collapsed. The businesses were no longer in operation and no one was hurt.

The situation poses a safety concern though, as Vandalia Code Enforcement Officer and Fire Chief Keith Meadows says the building continues to move and crack. A court order was extended Friday to keep people from entering the building. Barricades have been put up around the structure to contain any debris, should it fall. The area is closed to pedestrian traffic and a portion of Gallatin and Fifth Streets are closed as well.

Meadows told WGEL the City of Vandalia granted Mayor Rick Gottman the ability to declare the situation a state of emergency, which allowed the city to seek proposals to bring the building down to a secure level and let contractors assess environmental issues within the building and eventually proceed with cleanup efforts. Click below to hear his comments:

Friday was the deadline for bids from contractors to remove the structure. Meadows said once a contract is awarded, a crew should begin work on Monday. Click below to hear more:


SOURCEPhotos courtesy of the Fayette County Sheriff's Department & the City of Vandalia
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