Department Of Human Services Investigating Murray Center Employee Death

The Illinois Department of Human Services is conducting an internal review into the death of 56-year-old Rick Stewart of Shattuc, an employee at Murray Developmental Center in Centralia.

Illinois State Representative Charlie Meier of Okawville said he has received initial information that a Murray Center resident struck Stewart the night of July 30, knocking him to the ground. Meier indicated Stewart was able to get up and complete a report about the incident.

The state representative said Stewart returned to work, and less than two hours later suffered a heart attack.

Stewart was eventually admitted to a St. Louis hospital, where he died on August 6.

The resident, who had been previously scheduled to be moved from Murray Center due to behavioral problems, has been moved to the Choate Developmental Center in Anna.

Meier described Stewart’s death as “a terrible thing.” He said he has been advised more information will be released as the investigation continues. Meier told WGEL that he hopes to hear more from the Department of Human Services when he returns to Springfield on Wednesday.

The legislator said the Murray Center needs more staff members to handle the residents. Stewart was a mental health technician at the center.

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