Greenville City Council Hears Favorable Audit Report


The Greenville City Council received a very favorable audit report during its meeting Tuesday night.

Howard Held, from the firm Scheffel-Boyle of Highland gave the council a summary of the financial condition of the city for the 2014-15 fiscal year. Held said the financial health of the city has always shown a gain and never had a step backward. He noted that while the city’s revenue sources sometimes change, the economic base all show “nice, steady growth”, which he said they don’t always find in municipalities. He also noted that the city’s general fund, water fund, and sewer fund each had a great volume of transactions, and all three are showing an increase in reserves. Click below to hear some of his comments from the meeting:

Mayor Alan Gaffner was pleased to hear the good report. He told WGEL that it was positive to hear that the city’s financial position has steadily increased since the recession of 2008. He praised City Finance Director Sue Ann Nelson, City Manager Dave Willey, and department directors for their efforts. Click below to hear his comments:

The audit can be viewed on the City of Greenville’s website and a copy of it will also be at the Greenville Public Library.

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