Lightning Strike Causes Oil Tanker Fire, Huge Smoke Plumes

The Keyesport Fire Protection District was called to an oil tank struck by lightning and on fire Saturday at 1:13pm approximately one half mile south of Keyesport road off of Hopewell Road.

According to Chief Jim Golder there were two storage tanks; one of the tanks was empty with the other one having approximately 100 barrels of oil. The Mulberry Grove, Greenville, and Wheatfield Fire Protection Districts were called for mutual aide. The area fire departments applied approximately 50 gallons of foam to extinguish the fire. The departments were on scene approximately two and a half hours.
oil tank fire three

Chief Golder reported the in the initial lightning strike there was some debris and oil scattered around and some oil landed on nearby crops. Chief Golder contacted the appropriate state agencies, and the EPA will be investigating any contamination to the area. The smoke plume could be seen for miles around. To get an idea of how big the smoke plume was, compare it to the firefighters to the left of the plume and how small they look. Photos from GFPD.
oil tank fire

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