Newly Organized Regional Board Of School Trustees

Regional Superintendent of Schools Julie Wollerman reported the Regional Board of School Trustees for Bond, Christian, Effingham, Fayette, and Montgomery Counties was organized Monday, August 3.

A public act, passed in 2012, directed Christian and Montgomery Counties to consolidate with Regional Office of Education #3 and resulted in a merger of the Regional Board of School Trustees for the counties. All sitting members’ terms were extended until August 3, at which time, during a reorganization meeting, seven people were chosen by lots to represent the five counties on the new seven-seat board.

Board members include Abby Bayles – Fayette County, Don Farrimond – Christian County, Eugene Logue – Effingham County, Jimmie Rice – Bond County, Don Scott – Christian County, JD Vieregge – Fayette County, and Donna Yeske – Montgomery County.

These new members will serve until the general election in 2017.

Jimmie Rice was chosen Board Chairman.

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