Parking And Shuttle Service Available During Bicentennial

The Greenville Bicentennial Board expects a large crowd for the Bicentennial Celebration Saturday and Sunday, September 5 & 6 and parking is a concern.

Off-site parking and free shuttle service are arranged.

Parking will be available in Greenville’s municipal parking lots and at the Bond County Fairgrounds. Bond County Transit busses will pick up at the north fairgrounds gate and drop off passengers at the Watson’s Drug Store corner. This corner and the Bond County Transit parking space across from the Globe Theater will be loading areas for rides back to the fairgrounds.

Bond County Transit will also pick up at Greenville hotels. Shuttle information will be available at the hotel desk.

The Dust and Sons vacant lot on Third Street will be open for parking but there will be no shuttle service.

A trolley will shuttle people to various activities Saturday free of charge. The trolley schedule will be posted in the Bicentennial Store and at each of the participating stops.

For more information about the Greenville Bicentennial, click HERE.

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