Senator Kyle McCarter On State Budget Situation

Senator Kyle McCarter (left) with Jim Schultz, director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Development, at a recent meeting in Greenville.

Illinois State Senator Kyle McCarter was in Greenville this week.

He was asked about the legislative impasse in Springfield on a new budget.

McCarter said the impasse is between very different ways of thinking politically. McCarter says one side says the state should continue to spend as much as they want and put the burden on the taxpayers. The other side, he said, wants to live within the state’s means. Click below for more:

The senator believes federal funds will soon be passed on to various agencies, such as the Bond County Senior Center. He said the House tried putting some “poisoned pills” and additional spending in the bill, which will come back for a vote soon. He expects the bill to be passed and that there will be some relief quickly. Click below to hear more:

McCarter said lawmakers know they face important decisions that affect all citizens. He said decisions made at this point will affect families and that lawmakers must be sensitive about that fact. Click below to hear more of his comments:

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