Senior Center Director Asks For Public Action On Senior Meals Issue

The Bond County Senior Center

This week, the Bond County Senior Citizens board announced that, as of Friday, noon meals served at the senior center and meals delivered in the Meals on Wheels program will be temporarily discontinued if the state legislature does not pass a new budget.

Anna Oestreich, executive director of the senior center, said this is a serious situation, affecting over 80 senior citizens in Bond County. She urged local residents to voice their concerns to legislators. Click below to hear more:

Oestreich said Senate Bill 2042 was introduced this week, which would allow federal funds to be passed on to the senior center. She urges residents to contact legislators to support Senate Bill 2042 and approve a budget.

The local state senator is Kyle McCarter and the local state representative is John Cavaletto.

The Committee Of The Whole met in Springfield Wednesday. Representatives from area agencies including one from Bond County testified before the committee seeking action to preserve senior citizens programs.

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