Sheriff Concerned About Heroin Problem In Bond County


Sheriff Brown is very concerned about the overall use of drugs in Bond County, most recently the many cases involving heroin.

He said the problem is spreading to a younger group and that there are no barriers as far as the types of people who are using heroin. He said it’s spreading like a plague to everyone. Deputies and officers are looking for heroin more and more, as opposed to crack and meth, which were previously more prevalent. Brown said those two drugs aren’t gone, but heroin is more prevalent right now. Click below to hear his comments:

The sheriff said the situation is very scary and in many of the cases he’s heard of recently, parents had no idea their kids were using heroin. He encouraged parents to keep an eye on their children. He said you can’t be too nosy or have too much control in this case. Parents can call his office to have deputies do a search if need be. Brown emphasized it’s not about arrests, it’s about keeping kids alive. He said you simply can’t be too careful. Click below for more:

The sheriff predicts there will be more police training coming for heroin detection.

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