UPDATED: Ultimate Squealer A Smashing Success At The Bond County Fair

The Ultimate Squealer

Due to unprecedented demand, the Ultimate Squealer sandwich at the Bond County Fair pork stand is sold out. Wes Pourchot, creator of the sandwich, told WGEL the stand went through 75 pounds of bacon and over 100 pounds of pulled pork. The Hog Trough sandwich will also be unavailable for the duration of the fair.

Wes wished to thank everyone for their support of the pork stand, which benefits the Bond County 4H and FFA programs and he told us the Hog Trough and Ultimate Squealer sandwiches will be back next year.


Two years ago, Wes Pourchot rolled out a special new item at the Bond County 4H/FFA Pork Stand at the Bond County Fair. The Hog Trough Burger was the name of it and it consisted of a pork chop, pulled pork, and bacon.

Wes has topped himself this year with a new creation called The Ultimate Squealer. This monster sandwich boasts a 1/3 pound pork chop, a 1/4 pound pork burger, pulled pork, and bacon.

Both the Hog Trough Burger and The Ultimate Squealer will be available on and off through the end of the Bond County Fair on Tuesday. If the Hog Trough Burger flyer is posted at the stand, it’s definitely on the menu. You have to ask for The Ultimate Squealer, though. Wes said as long as they have pulled pork, you can get one.

Click below to hear WGEL’s Ryan Mifflin visit with Wes Pourchot, talking about The Ultimate Squealer at the Bond County Fair Friday evening:

Proceeds from the pork stand benefit the county 4H and FFA programs.

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