Big Weekend For DeMoulin Museum, Item Donated By U Of I Band

The DeMoulin Museum was right in the middle of the Greenville Bicentennial action this past weekend.

The museum has a new item on display, courtesy of the University of Illinois Marching Illini. Museum Curator John Goldsmith told WGEL the band donated a marching band uniform from the U of I to the museum. The uniform was, of course, made by DeMoulin’s in Greenville.

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Attending Sunday’s presentation was Mike Coling Jr., representing DeMoulin Brothers. The company made a donation toward the fee to get the University of Illinois band here.


Goldsmith was very pleased with the many people who visited the museum over the weekend, as the 5,000th visitor in the museum’s history signed in. Click below to hear some of his comments:

With over 500 visiting the museum this past weekend, the DeMoulin Museum has now had 1,059 this year.

Below are some photos of the U of I band members enjoying the DeMoulin Museum, and one unfortunate husband who was the victim of one of the DeMoulin lodge initiation devices at the hands of his wife and Mr. Goldsmith…





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