Bond County Board OKs Transportation Resolution & 377 Board Recommendation

The Bond County Board met in regular session Tuesday morning and approved three county aid projects for the highway department. The amounts ranged from $5,000 to $7,500.

The board also granted Judge John Knight permission to dispose of old and outdated law library books as he sees fit.

Anna Oestreich, director of the Bond County Senior Center, presented the board with a resolution, which would give County Board Chairman Howard Elmore the authority to sign the annual Bond County Transit contract with the Illinois Department of Transportation. Oestreich said she wasn’t sure how long the process would take on the state’s side, since the budget remains a factor. The board approved the resolution.

The board also accepted the tax levy presentation from FAYCO Director Kim Taylor. Taylor said the tax levy will remain unchanged from last year and is expected to yield $53,500. Sixty-five individuals from Bond County are served by FAYCO, which amounts to 25% of their clientele.

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