Deer Fawn Survives Collision & Storm, Rescued By Police & Animal Control

A fawn survived getting hit by a vehicle and a thunderstorm in Greenville last week, being rescued by Greenville police and the local animal control officer Justin Altenberger.

Justin Altenberger & the rescued deer
Justin Altenberger & the rescued deer

Altenberger told WGEL the four-week old deer was found Thursday evening along Illinois Rt. 140 near Spring Hill. A police officer had found the deer, which had been hit by a car and was wet and cold from the storm. Altenberger wasn’t able to reach anyone with the rescue team in Alton, so he took the deer home and started the rehab process. Click below to hear more:

Altenberger said the young deer also spent some time in the Greenville Police station and received a lot of attention. Click below to hear more:

The animal control officer said about two weeks ago another deer, about four months old, was rescued in the county. The animal received serious injuries after being struck by a vehicle in the Pierron area.

The deer was also picked up by the Tree House rescue crew and its condition is improving.

SOURCEPhoto w/Justin Altenberger courtesy of the Greenville Police Department
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