FNB Warns Of Possible Phone Scam

The First National Bank has issued a warning about a possible phone scam. The bank was recently contacted by a local resident who had received a phone call from an Alabama company that was allegedly conducting a survey of First National Bank customers. The First National Bank is not conducting such a survey nor have they hired a firm to do so.

First National Bank officials say the bank will not initiate contact with you by phone or e-mail asking you to verify personal information. They encourage customers to be wary of giving financial information over the phone without confirming who you are sharing it with.

It’s a good rule of thumb to be suspicious of callers who want information about your account number, debit or credit card number, or Social Security number.

If you have questions, contact any First National Bank location in Vandalia, Ramsey, Patoka, Greenville and Mulberry Grove.

SOURCELogo courtesy of the First National Bank
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