Greenville City Council Takes Action On Numerous Issues

At the recent Greenville City Council meeting, action was taken to purchase a new backhoe for the water distribution system.

It is being obtained for $54,706 from Diamond Equipment. The price includes the trade-in of an old city-owned backhoe.

The council accepted the recommendation of the plan commission to amend the development code ordinance to allow clubs and lodges as conditional uses in a neighborhood urban zoning district.

Councilmen approved modification of the agreement with the Chamber of Commerce to adjust the monthly payment for the tourism director. April Crew-Kelly was recently hired as the Chamber and tourism director. The Chamber and city pay the person in those positions. The agreement indicates the tourism director will receive $1,145.83 per month and she receives the same amount from the Chamber of Commerce.

The council approved a bid of $155,158 to have Metro Ag clean the west lagoon and back wash pond at the water plant.

Pittsburgh Tank and Tower will inspect, clean and maintain the clearwell tank at the water plant and the two water towers. The company’s low bid was $53,000.

Kirks Incorporated’s proposal to repair plaster and paint the center ceiling in the Montrose Cemetery Abbey was accepted by the council. The cost is $3,900.

At a special meeting last week, the council authorized Christ Brothers to do milling work in the resurfacing project on Beaumont Avenue. The cost was $25,821.

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