Greenville Regional Hospital President & CEO Offers GRH/Hospital Sisters Health System Community Update


On Tuesday afternoon, Greenville Regional Hospital President & CEO Brian Nall offered the community the following update on the possible affiliation between GRH Hospital Sisters Health System…

As many area residents know, Greenville Regional Hospital (GRH) signed a letter of intent with Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) earlier this year to begin the process of affiliation. I want to update the community on our progress and expected timeline for the affiliation to take effect.

When we announced our intent to affiliate with HSHS, we believed the process would be completed around the end of the calendar year. We now expect the process to take a few months longer than anticipated and believe the affiliation will be completed in the spring of 2016.

Why the longer timeline? The simple answer is that health care is very complex and both GRH and HSHS believe it is in the best interest of our patients and the community to be thorough in our due diligence. Both organizations are sharing thousands of pages of documents and spending hundreds of hours reviewing information and discussing the best way to smoothly transition GRH to HSHS.

HSHS currently has 14 hospitals and scores of physician clinics and health centers in downstate Illinois and northern Wisconsin. As a larger health system, they have developed processes and procedures that allow them to deliver high-quality care in a highly efficient manner. As a result, they are looking at how GRH operates and determining how best to integrate our practices into the way HSHS cares for patients.

Our Information Technology is a great example of the complexity involved in bringing two health care systems together. HSHS is currently moving all of their Electronic Health Records (EHR) to one IT platform. GRH will also migrate to that same platform and creating a pathway to accomplish that takes time and resources. After we become an HSHS affiliate and the new IT platform is implemented, our physicians and staff will have access to a state-of-the art EHR that will enable us to better coordinate the delivery of health care for our patients.

The goal of affiliating with HSHS is to sustain GRH’s mission as the area leader in healthcare by exceeding the expectations of those we serve, advancing customer service to a new level of excellence, and offering additional and enhanced medical services to meet the region’s emerging needs. To ensure we’re successful with this transition, we are being thorough and deliberate as we plan this exciting new chapter for our hospital and for the community.

I want the community to know that the time we are spending now planning the transition will serve us well in the future. Just as couples spend time getting to know each other better from the time of their engagement to their wedding, GRH and HSHS are spending quality time together building a long-term relationship that will create a happy, healthy family of care for the future of Greenville and the surrounding area.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Greenville Regional Hospital
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