Looking Back On The Greenville Bicentennial One Month Later

We’re coming up on a month since the big Greenville Bicentennial celebration and it continues to be a popular topic of discussion around town. If you subscribe to the WGEL Daily, you know it’s taken us until the end of last week to finish sharing all of the photographs we had from the two-day event.

Rex Catron, Bicentennial Committee Chairman, told WGEL he and his fellow committee members still receive positive feedback.

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One of the most common questions following the Bicentennial was just how many people attended the event. Catron said there was an estimated 4,000 people in the crowd for the Saturday night concert and more than that Sunday night. He also said they have estimated 20,000 people attending the parade Sunday afternoon.

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You can see our hundreds of photos from the Bicentennial, including several submitted by our listeners, on our website. Just search for “bicentennial”.

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