Police Commissioners Allow Late Entry By Military Member

The Greenville Board of Police Commissioners met recently and endorsed a decision made by the chairman, Deb Edwards, to allow a military member to proceed with the police eligibility list process, even though his pre-employment application was submitted late.

Edwards stated the person was on his way home from military deployment when the August 6 deadline arrived. Documentation supporting this was presented to the commission.

A total of 17 persons attended the mandatory orientation meeting. The veteran was one of them, since Edwards allowed his application to be submitted.

She told the other two commissioners, Jill Franks and Alan Davis, that she didn’t want to miss a potentially good police candidate and thought the man had a good excuse.

All three commissioners agreed that the pre-employment application procedure should be reviewed. In the near future, the 17 candidates will take the physical agility test and a written test. Results will lead to the development of a new police eligibility list, to be posted in mid-October.

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