Ronald McDonald & Greenville’s Oldest Citizen Create A Special Bicentennial Memory

Over the next several days, we’ll be sharing photos and stories from the Greenville Bicentennial weekend, submitted by our listeners. If you have pictures from the event, or specific stories/memories you’d like to share, send them to

Below, Larry Snow of Greenville Auto Body shares a special memory from the parade Sunday afternoon…

Alan Davis [Bicentennial Parade Coordinator] asked me if I could provide my Mustang convertible for the parade. I was asked to pick up our oldest Greenville Citizen [Marshall Kirkham, who turned 99 on Wednesday] at his home. I was honored to provide Mr. Kirkham transportation through the parade.

After we made our trip through the parade route, his desire was to see the parade behind us and the Clydesdales. I did not have a chair or his walker, so we had to remain in the car. We ended up at the corner of Vine and Elm in a shady spot where the first person that came along was Ronald McDonald. He read the sign on the car, naming Mr. Kirkham our oldest resident and he wanted to congratulate him and thank him for his military service, as many had.

I asked Ronald if I could take a photo of him and Marshall in the car. I was able to snap a couple photos that I would like to share. Ronald is quite an actor; the car was not moving.

With all the problems and concerns in this world today, it was great to forget about them for two days and enjoy showcasing Greenville as a “diamond in the rough”.

Hats off to this community, the event organizers, and the event sponsors who contributed to this event and made it a very successful Bicentennial Celebration!

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Larry Snow
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