AMVETS Seeking Flag Donors To Honor Veterans

The local AMVETS Chapter raises an Avenue of Flags in several locations throughout the City of Greenville on five holidays each year and on special occasions if requested by the city.

Each flag in the display was purchased for $50 in memory of a deceased veteran.

The number of flags in the display has been dwindling in recent years. Tony Koonce of the local AMVETS chapter said the group started with 93 flags and the number eventually grew to 140, but now is down to 100. Koonce said the AMVETS are seeking donors to purchase new flags for the display in memory of deceased veterans.

Koonce told WGEL each donor receives a certificate which states the flag they purchased was flown over the U.S. capital at a specific date and time. Each veteran memorialized with a flag is also listed on a plaque that is displayed in the hallways of the Bond County Courthouse.

AMVETS will store and maintain all flags purchased and post them for display at the appropriate times.

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Tony Koonce will be our guest on Public Affairs this Sunday, November 1 to talk in detail about the AMVETS Avenue of Flags project. To purchase one, or for more information, contact Koonce at 664-1976.

$50 checks can be made out to the Bond County Veterans Memorial and sent to: Bond County Veterans Memorial, P.O. Box 154, Greenville, IL 62246.

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