Bond County Historical Society Turns 60

Anthony Macon (left) as Private Ed Merrifield with Kevin Kaegy.

The Bond County Historical Society is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Society President Kevin Kaegy said the society was formed due to the efforts of historian John Nolan.

Kaegy said Nolan met with an official from the Illinois State Historical Society in the Bond County Courthouse. The group was formed to house Nolan’s scrapbook collection.

Click below to hear his comments:

The annual meeting of the county’s historical and genealogy societies was held Tuesday night in Greenville.

The program was titled “Montrose Cemetery and Mausoleum Voices” with current residents portraying residents of the past who are interred there.

Cindy Catron portrayed Dr. Katherine Luzader, Anthony Macon portrayed Private Ed Merrifield and Cary Holman portrayed Will Carson.

Cindy Catron as Dr. Katherine Luzader
Cindy Catron as Dr. Katherine Luzader
Cary Holman as Will Carson
Cary Holman as Will Carson

Officers and directors of the historical society were elected for 2015-16. Officers are Kevin Kaegy as president, John Goldsmith as vice president, John S. Coleman as treasurer and Jane Hopkins as secretary.

Township directors include George Gobberdiel, Sharon Grimes, Judy Schroeter, Kathy Brewer, William Johnson, Tom Varner, Gary Tischhauser and Jeannine Gobberdiel.

Anyone interested in joining the historical society can attend a meeting, held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m., usually at the Hoiles-Davis Museum on West Winter Avenue in Greenville.

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