Bond County Transit & Director Recognized

Anna Oestreich

Bond County Transit and its director, Anna Oestreich, were recently recognized by the area agency on aging, AgeSmart, for providing residents, especially senior citizens, a successful transportation system.

Bond County Transit received a certificate of recognition for providing transportation services and Oestreich was one of two persons presented this year’s Legacy Award.

She told WGEL the award is the result of support from many people. She said the award shows that the Senior Center Board of Directors trusted in the vision the center had to expand services. She thanked the county residents and the center staff for their support.

Oestreich said the transit program started as one Bluebird bus, then moved to one IDOT vehicle, and eventually to a fleet of fifteen vehicles and a facility that belongs to the county.

She emphasized that one person didn’t make all that happen – it was a team that was willing to sustain a vision over time.

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No local tax money goes into Bond County Transit, which began in February of 1982. State and federal funds are received for the transit system, however, fund raisers are held to provide required matching funds.

Oestreich said that in fiscal year 2015, the system’s contract with AgeSmart allowed 7,500 trips for older adults, however the system was able to provide 17,000 trips for those 65 and older.

Oestreich emphasized Bond County Transit provides transportation for all county residents, regardless of age. There is a nominal fee to ride. The transit office can be reached by calling 664-9844.

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