City Of Greenville & KPD Partner On Sidewalk Project

The Greenville City Council and Kingsbury Park District Board have approved an intergovernmental agreement to construct a sidewalk at Jaycee Park near the baseball/softball field dugouts along Dewey Street.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey said he is pleased the two governmental entities are working together on the project and the sidewalk will be a great addition.

He explained the sidewalk would run end-to-end in the park, with accessibility where parking exists on either end. The intergovernmental agreement allows for the park district to pay for materials and the city to provide labor and assistance in laying the sidewalk.

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Jerry Sauerwein, park district director, said the sidewalk will definitely provide easier access, including for those in wheelchairs, to the ball field side of the park.

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It has yet to be determined when the sidewalk will be installed, but it will be completed prior to the next baseball and softball seasons

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