Difficulties Increase Price Of Library Roof Project


Problems have been discovered during the Greenville Public Library roof project, which will increase the total cost by $37,125.

The library board met in a special meeting Friday and approved the additional costs. The project to re-roof the entire building and add a cupola to the dome will now cost approximately $138,525.

An anonymous donor is paying for the cupola,

State and city grants are covering $27,000 of the cost and the board has decided to commit to use money from its endowment fund to pay the remaining costs

Library Director Mike Westbrooks told WGEL work crews found several issues as they dug through roofing materials, including broken boards and large gaps. A new 3/8 inch sub-roof will be put on the building. He said the new roof should last many, many years.

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Renaissance Roofing of Rockford is doing the project. Extra work will include installation of copper flashing and additional decking.

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