Greenville City Council Plans To Add Handicap Parking Space On Second Street

The City of Greenville has plans to add a handicap parking space on Second Street, between College and Main Avenues.

The subject was discussed at the recent city council meeting.

Greenville City Manager Dave Willey reported interest has been expressed for the additional handicap parking space on that block of the downtown area.

Councilmen discussed where the space should be. Mayor Alan Gaffner favored Willey’s suggestion that the space be on the south end of the block so only one current parking space would have to be used and the curb would not have to be cut out.

The city manager said placing the space further north would require the use of two current parking spaces.

Willey said he would contact business owners on that block to get their opinions. To create a handicap parking space, the council must adopt an ordinance to amend the Municipal Code, specifically designating the location of the handicap space.

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