Greenville City Leaf Vacuuming Underway

The City of Greenville Public Works Department employees began vacuuming leaves last week.

Public Works Superintendent Bill Grider told WGEL residents should rake leaves to the edge of the curb or your yard so the city’s vacuum can reach them. Leaves should not be put in ditches or into the roadway. Piles should be no higher than three feet and contain no sticks, brush, or other debris.

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Residents do not have to call the city for leaf vacuuming. A map of the areas covered on specific days is being included in the water bills or can be seen online at

Grider also reminds not to park vehicles in front of leaf piles.

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Leaf vacuuming continues through December 18. Leaf burning will be allowed on specific days November 1 through December 31, however, those wanting to burn must obtain a free permit from the city. City officials suggest that leaves not be burned.

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