Greenville Fire Crews Attend Special Training In Ohio


Greenville Fire Protection District members traveled to Fairborn, Ohio for a special rescue training during the first weekend of October.

Assistant Chief of Administration Mike Waugh, Training Officer Nick Blackburn, and Firefighter Robert Neer attended “Crash Course 2015 – Heavy Rescue” at the National Center for Medical Readiness – Wright State University or “Calamityville”. This location was once a 52 acre Concrete plant that is now used to train Public Safety, Public Health, Civilian and Military teams in Incident Preparedness.

The course covered a range of incidents including “High-risk Low-frequency” calls. These are incidents where the risk to Rescuers and victims are great, but do not happen often.

Not only were the incidents difficult, but so was the weather. The temperature was around 50 degrees with brisk winds and wind chills in the low 40’s. Rain also made conditions more realistic. Participants said this was good for training since accidents don’t just occur when it’s sunny and 70 degrees.

Firefighters used a wide range of equipment including air bags, saws, air chisels, wood bracing, jaws of life style tools, and chains.

Simulated incidents included:

Victims trapped under concrete slabs and casings. Firefighters used math skills to calculate the weight of the slabs, formulate a plan, and lift the concrete using air bags and wood bracing to remove victims.

Semi truck accidents where the cab was simulated to be against a bridge abutment or wall. Firefighters were taught to totally remove the cab away from the driver to effect the rescue.

Multi-vehicle accidents where several cars are involved and multiple extractions had to be performed at once using limited resources and manpower.

Large Recovery Tow Truck operations. Firefighters and Tow Recovery Operators worked hand in hand to facilitate removing a victim from under a construction barrier and from a vehicle trapped under a semi trailer with limited to no access to the victims.

The final drill was bus accidents. Firefighters utilized a variety of skills to respond to and rescue occupants of such incidents. Firefighters found out just how difficult these incidents can be. Total removal of the rear of buses and seats were performed. The drivers were also extricated from the sides of the bus after tools were utilized to make access points.

The instructors were from a wide variety of Departments. Ohio Task Force 1, a specialized rescue team, had several instructors on site. Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville, KY also had instructors on site, as well as other Departments. Participants in the training were seen from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and South Carolina to name a few.

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Here are some photos from the training sessions in Ohio…


Highway K-rail removal from victim

Lifting a loaded trailer with one boom winch while using the second boom line to pull the vehicle away. Very impressive operations to see

Glad this is a VERY low frequency incident

Rear removal of one bus to extricate victims and removal of driver from second bus

After driver removal

Side impact. Reinforcement did its job against the front-end loader


Preparing for total removal of bus doors and rear end.

2 victims trapped under concrete


Lifting 29 tons of slab

Bracing for lift


Box crib with instructors guidance

Removal of victim with arm trapped under an unstable load. Notice the slabs angles. Techniques were used to keep slabs from moving any further.

Heavy entrapment of driver

Securing and stabilizing 2

Securing and stabilizing 1

Dash displacement and removal

Preparing to remove cab


Come-A-long setup

Making the removal

Heavy tow truck rotator

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of the Greenville Fire Protection District
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